An Early Learning Centre with enriching educational programs.

More than just supervising, our talented Educators provide individual support, care, guidance and education with tailored activities catering to each child's interest and development. 

Our Educators program fun and creative activities based on:

    •    The National Early Years Learning Framework

    •    Each child’s individual interests and goals

    •    Social and Emotional growth supporting confidence and well-being

    •    Numeracy and Literacy learning through play

    •    Music, Dance, Arts/Crafts, and a quality Outdoor program

    •    Group learning experiences (science experiments/art projects/cooking/etc) 

kindergarten art

We cater for children between the ages of 18 months and 5 years.

As a children's educational service we focus on kindergarten and school readiness by allowing a time and place for children to be who they are, feel empowered by choice and self expression, and practice confidence building at their pace. Creating and supporting these holistic and sound predispositions for learning is the centre of our philosophy, along with encouraging healthy physical, social and emotional, development.

outdoor education

Bayside Community

Brighton Playroom is located at 145A Cochrane St, Brighton. This is also home to Bayside Maternal & Child Health, and North Brighton Kindergarten.

Families from any suburb are welcomed to enrol. Call to book a tour, we look forward to meeting you!